Project: Ultra high-pressure reverse osmosis (UHPRO) membrane module development for international desalination company

Synopsis: Our client, a large international desalination company, needed a reverse osmosis membrane to cost effectively treat SWRO brine while gaining the highest possible recovery. As a result, we were asked to provide them with an element that can withstand pressures for up to 3000 psi (200 bars).

Solution: PWS provided specially designed UHPRO elements that could withhold mechanical integrity under extreme hydraulic conditions required at this application. The membranes were wet tested and compacted for up to two hours prior to shipment to the client.

Under 87,500 mg/L NaCl solution, 1,750 psi/120 bars feed pressure, and 25oC testing conditions, the membranes post compaction permeate flux was observed to be in 1928 – 2156 GPD range.